Terms of Service

This agreement assumes that CLIENT will provide all text in electronic format (.doc, .pub.txt, or .wpd) on computer disc, email or made available by ftp. All photographs and other graphics are to be provided in high quality print suitable for scanning or on a computer disc in a standard graphic format (TIFF, JPEG, GIF, BMP, or PNG). All computer discs will be returned to the CLIENT upon job completion. Text on typed pages is acceptable but CLIENT will be charged a transfer fee of $10.00 per page of text.

It is the sole responsibility of the CLIENT to obtain all necessary permissions and authorizations with regard to the use of all copy, graphic images, company logos, trademarks and or any other supplied material. Every contracted work will be seen as a guarantee that all such permissions have been obtained.

This agreement includes custom code related to page design, layout and functionality that is property of Kathryn Landfair, Web Designer (Kathryn Landfair, Web Designer). Such code is licensed to the CLIENT for use only as installed by Kathryn Landfair, Web Designer and only for this one site. This code may not be distributed modified or copied with out express written consent of Kathryn Landfair, Web Designer under Itellectual Property Laws.

Kathryn Landfair, Web Designer must be granted access to the server directory where the design is to be placed. By signing this agreement, it is also granting Kathryn Landfair, Web Designer full "on demand" access to the installed files. CLIENT further agrees that Kathryn Landfair, Web Designer shall have the right to remove "our" design from public view for failure to adhere to the terms of this agreement. These could include violating licensing agreement or failure to pay fees duly assessed.

Kathryn Landfair, Web Designer cannot and will not be held responsible for modifications, alterations, or deletions made by any third party. CLIENT acknowledges and agrees that Kathryn Landfair, Web Designer has no control over and will not be liable for the unlawful acts of others who access CLIENT'S installed and publicly posted materials.

CLIENT agrees that a link will appear at the bottom of each page in the CLIENT'S site. Link will be in the form of a very small graphic and/or text link.

Kathryn Landfair, Web Designer reserves the right to refuse service for any content deemed inappropriate, illegal or immoral. Kathryn Landfair, Web Designer may cancel this agreement for failure of CLIENT to abide by these terms.

Kathryn Landfair, Web Designer will post all site work done to our server for review by CLIENT. This will allow the CLIENT an opportunity to review the appearance and content of scripted material. All custom programming and custom graphics including logos, animations and flash programming provided for CLIENT per the original contract will be considered as part of the finished product even if the CLIENT decides not to use. If the CLIENT request changes outside the limits of original contract, CLIENT agrees to pay Kathryn Landfair, Web Designer web design fees on a per hour basis. Unless Kathryn Landfair, Web Designer is notified via email within ten (10) days of posting review, Kathryn Landfair, Web Designer will consider the material deemed acceptable by the CLIENT. Payment of the fee balance will then become due.

Upon payment of balance, Kathryn Landfair, Web Designer will post (install) pages to CLIENT'S server (site location). This may take several days depending on the setup times and server side changes that need to be made.

CLIENT acknowledges and agrees that Kathryn Landfair, Web Designer cannot guarantee constant service because of the variables involved. Circumstances beyond our control include but are not limited to service interruptions caused by Acts of God, telecommunications system failures and server problems.

Kathryn Landfair, Web Designer will provide maintenance plans for CLIENT at a predetermined fee if said CLIENT request said plan. If CLIENT requests any changes above and beyond the original contract, said CLIENT will pay Kathryn Landfair, Web Designer at the normal per hour web design rate.

Terms and conditions Agreement is subject to change without prior written notice by Kathryn Landfair, Web Designer (includes prices for services).

This agreement shall be governed by the Laws of the State of UTAH, which shall claim venue and jurisdiction for any legal motion claims arising from this Agreement. This agreement is voids where prohibited by law.

Placing an order or contracting Kathryn Landfair, Web Designer for web design or graphic design will be regarded as acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. Placing an order with Kathryn Landfair, Web Designer can initially be done by email but must be confirmed by postal mail which will include a signed copy of this agreement.

Fees due are payable by check, money order or credit card via Pay Pal. The initial payment of 20% being due upon signing this agreement. The balance will become due upon completion of the contracted work in accordance with the CLIENT'S original written specifications. Final payment must be received before the site will be "live". Returned checks will be subject to a $35.00 charge. All overdue accounts will be assessed an 18% annual late fee.

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